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Benefits Of Uninterrupted Water Supply

In four years from now, Nangloi Water Services (NWS) will provide uninterrupted water supply to all the households of the area of Nangloi. Uninterrupted water brings a wide range of tremendous benefits:

  • Access to safe water with improved quantity, timing and pressure
  • Equal quantity of water will be made available to all the customers thanks to increased efficiency and management in the water distribution system
  • All the pipelines will be continuously pressurized with safe water resulting in a constant internal pressure which will prevent the external impurities to seep in
  • Positive impact on the health of customers as water at the tap is safe
  • No longer need to store water and people will use the required quantity of water, ultimately resulting in water conservation
  • Water will flow up to 2nd/3rd floor without the help of electric pump resulting in energy conservation
  • There will no longer be a need to devote special time for storing the water every day
  • World class Customer Services would ensure proper, efficient and timely service to the consumers and to redress their grievances
  • Effective management of leakage will be possible through pressure management, flow measurement and District Metering Area concept (DMA).
  • Water conservation will also be encouraged through metering and price signals via a volumetric tariff to consumers