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Frequently Asked Questions

A) Public Private Partnership (PPP) between Delhi Jal Board (DJB) and Nangloi Water Services (NWS)

The project is undertaken under PPP between NWS and DJB. Under a PPP, a Private Operator is hired for rehabilitating/installing pipelines,100% replacement of the House Service Connection (HSC), rehabilitation and construction of underground reservoirs and pumping stations and delivering consumer services as per pre-specified service level benchmarks.

B) NWS works under the authority and direct supervision of DJB
  1. DJB continue to hold total ownership of all existing assets and those created by the Operator
  2. Operator payments is linked to performance against pre-specified targets
  3. All powers including water tariff and disconnection of the consumers under the water by laws of the DJB continue to vest with DJB officers.
  4. Inclusive and equitable service delivery is the cornerstone of the contract and is detailed in the terms of the contract. DJB is in charge of supervising the implementation of the contract. If the operator does not respect the terms of the contract, it has to bear penalties.